URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery

Diversity and Social Issues

URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery, Rhode Island Historical Society and Providence Inner City Arts present

November 7 – January 6

Gallery Reception November 17 5-9pm


To create a lasting legacy of Rhode Island art from 1950 – 2000 through educational programming, exhibitions and documentation. The mission of “50 Years of Art in Rhode Island: 1950-2000” is to honor Rhode Island artists who lived and worked in the community during the second half of the 20th century. This exhibit, presented in partnership with the Rhode Island Historical Society and Providence Inner City Arts, showcases just a few of the painters, photographers, and sculptors who helped make Rhode Island an inspiring and vibrant state. It also marks a milestone for the Rhode Island Historical Society in its effort to document and share the stories of these artists as part of an ongoing project of the RIHS collections.

This dynamic exhibit will feature works by Grace Albee, Ben Anderson, Johan Bjurman, Sandor Bodo, Jonathan Bonner, Stephan Brigidi, Alexandra Broches, Gabe Capuano, Antonio Cirino, Tom Cocroft, Dennis Congdon, Umberto Crenca, Anthony Dattorro, Ruth Dealy, Bob Dilworth, Gretchen Dow Simpson, Bill Drew, Mabel Ducasse, Steve Easton, Ron Ehrlich, Isabel Famiglietti, Herb Fink, Richard Fishman, Bonita Flanders, Ana Flores, Gil Franklin, John Frazier, Mark Freedman, Lisa Goddard, Dan Gosch, Michael Guy, Robert Hamilton, Bunny Harvey, Tony Janello, Robert Lamb, Irene Lawrence, Edna Lawrence, Eugene Lee, Florence Lief, Sal Mancini, Paula Martiesian, Michael Mazur, Alan Metnick, Gary Metz, Denny Moers, Munir Mohammed, Karnig Nalbandian, Abe Nathanson, Howard Newman, Barbara Pagh, Gordon Peers, Erminio Pinque, Arnold Prince, John Riedel, Anthony Russo, Mahler Ryder, Italo Scanga, Ida Schmulowitz, Tom Sgouros, Aaron Siskind, Kenneth Speiser, Kristen Street, Lawrence Sykes, Mark Taber, Bob Thayer, Anthony Tomaselli, Eugene Tonoff, John Udvardy, Carmel Vitullo, Vicki Wulff among others.

Follow us on Twitter @URI provarts. All programs are free and open to the public.

Call 401-277-5206 or uri.artsandculture@gmail.com or visit www.uri.edu/prov/arts for more information.


URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery
80 Washington Street
(1st and 2nd floor lobby galleries)
Providence, Rhode Island
Gallery Director : Steven Pennell
Mon-Thurs 9am-9pm
Fri-Sat 9am-4pm
Closed Sunday and Holidays
Exhibits and performances are free and open to the public.

About the URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery

The gallery presents a diverse spectrum of visual and performing arts as part of the university’s Urban Arts and Culture Program. The programs explore and raise public awareness about topical issues in the urban community setting, and also celebrate cultural diversity in order to promote understanding.

Through the work of professional artists from community, around the country and the world in themed exhibits exploring such issues as Domestic Violence, Hunger, Homelessness, Breast Cancer Awareness, Human Rights, Civil Rights Globalization, Genetic Testing HIV/AIDS and the Holocaust. The program also presents work by various racial, ethnic and representative populations including Black Community in Rhode Island, Italians in Rhode Island, Indigenous Women, Africa, South East Asia, China Then and Now, My Puerto Rico, Windows To The Sol (Latin American), Bolivia, Vietnam Veterans, Master Strokes (Older Americans), to promote understanding and appreciation of difference through the arts.

The URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery provides opportunities to focus on the value of Art Education in the public schools with The Gift of Art To The State of Rhode Island and also in the three state colleges/universities. The work includes extensive collaboration and outreach to the community and with schools and social service organizations around the region. All exhibits and events are free and open to the public.




  • uri_Denali Sons and Daughters
    uri_Denali Sons and Daughters
  • uri_unnamed John Housley
    uri_unnamed John Housley
  • gallery Interior
  • Gallery Interior
  • URI Gallery Interior
  • Robyn Thomas
    uri_Robyn Thomas_Motherboard_2015_detail two
  • Kristin Street
    uri_BeneathTheSkin_FreeRadicals by Kristin Street
  • Madolin Maxey
    uri_Madolin Maxey DISTORTED SELF
  • The Umbrella Movement
  • The Umbrella Movement
  • The Umbrella Movement
  • The Umbrella Movement
  • David DeMelim - Black and Blue
    David DeMelim - Black and Blue
  • uri_Sean Lure
    uri_Sean Lure
  • uri Lilian R Engel - Flow_wood_31x14x14_in
    uri Lilian R Engel - Flow_wood_31x14x14_in

• November 1, 2016

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