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Three Wheel Studio is a gallery of fine American Craft with an emphasis on studio pottery. The owner, Dwo Wen Chen is a graduate of RISD, and is himself a practicing studio potter creating limited editions of functional stoneware, porcelain, earthenware and terra-cotta alike. The gallery carries about 60 percent of Chen’s own work along with several other featured potters, painters, and fabric artists.


Artist Statement : Dwo Wen Chen

I remember the first time I sank my hands into clay to center my first pot. The wheel spun wildly, the pot was off-centered, but I took right to it. The color, texture, and the scent of clay reminded me of my happy childhood days playing in the muddy rice fields in Southern Taiwan.

Although not classically trained, I started a career as a practicing studio potter since my graduation from RISD in Providence, RI. My insatiable curiosity in all aspects of pottery making combined with the ignorance of pre-determined doctrines in the “way of clay” free me to explore various clay materials such as stoneware, porcelain, earthenware and terra-cotta and even easy oven-baked paper clay. The result is an eclectic body of work of many very different styles that I can happily call my own.

Over the years, I have been lucky enough to show my work in fine Art and Craft galleries and Museum Shops throughout the country and I am especially proud that one of my collections is recently displayed at shops in The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. But I am the happiest when a friend calls to let me know he or she spotted my work on a dinner party table in a distant town somewhere.

I seem to have not strayed too far away from those happy childhood days. It is most evident in the excitement and anticipation every time I open the kiln as if it’s the first time. Looking at a tea bowl, a footed tray or a tall vase sitting on the still warm shelf glowing under a new coat of glaze (if it has been a successful firing), that is the happy moment I wish to share.

Three Wheel Studio

436 Wickenden Street
Providence, Rhode Island


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Dwo Wen Chen's imprinted Japanese Maple Leaf collection featured at the Museum of Fine Arts store, Boston MA





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  • Three Wheel Studio - Dwo Wen Chen
    Three Wheel Studio - Dwo Wen Chen
  • Three Wheel Studio - Dwo Wen Chen
    Three Wheel Studio - Dwo Wen Chen
  • Three Wheel Studio
    Three Wheel Studio
  • Three Wheel Studio - Dwo Wen Chen
    Three Wheel Studio - Dwo Wen Chen

• November 1, 2016

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