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November 2016
Matt Valletta – Photography

Artist Statement

I use photography as a means to showcase the marvelously vibrant and powerful landscapes that mother nature has provided for all of us to enjoy. My work is a changing perspective of the places and viewpoints in which my adventures have taken me. Seeing these views in person is a sort of magical bliss that is calming to the soul. I capture this beauty in a full-bodied bright image to help the viewer get lost in a dynamic sea of colors. My adventures allow me to capture life’s beautiful moments through my lens and showcase my perspective.

My photographs are a means of self-expression and I am truly passionate about the ways the sun affects the coastline. The sun and water are my favorite images to capture, although landscape photography has been my primary focus and allows me to capture my travels and adventures and depict gorgeous and interesting scenery. I particularly enjoy photographing during sunrises and sunsets. I seek to find the right time of day for the proper light within the shadows to bring out a variety of emotions hidden within nature.


Description of Process

My favorite style of photography for creating vibrant landscapes is HDR photography. HDR stands for high dynamic range and is a technique used to produce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than is possible with standard digital imaging or classic photographic techniques. I create photographs by merging multiple images from different exposures together. I prefer to showcase my work on metal as I personally feel it brings out the most of the image. There is something special about the way the metal reflects the colors and provides contrast to the eye; it is stimulating!


About the Gallery

Rosmarin, located in the heart of Providence’s Theater and Arts District at 311 Westminster Street in Hotel Providence, offers classic Swiss plates sourced locally with a modern & artistic twist.

Located just two blocks from PPAC, Rosmarin offers an extraordinary three-course pre-theatre prix fixe with the convenience of valet. A member of Gallery Night Providence, Rosmarin’s rotating art gallery showcases the mixed media of a variety of artists. A unique tasting menu, allowing guests to sample off-menu courses, is hyper-local and incorporates herbs from our rooftop garden. The tasting menu is available on Friday and Saturday evenings. Reservations recommended. (401) 521-3333

The Silvershell Gallery at

Located in Hotel Providence
For reservations call: 401.521.3333

Sunday-Thursday 4 pm to 10 pm
Friday-Saturday 4 pm to 11 pm



  • Ted DiLucia, Deco Riveters, watercolor on paper, 18"x48", 2016
  • tarragonbar





• November 1, 2016

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