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Sandra will feature Tuscan landscapes, Sunflower Still Lifes, and New England landscapes.


DeSano Studio is Sandra’s workspace as well as a gallery space. Located in the Historic Deacon Taylor House, the oldest house on Thomas Street, it is nestled in the shadow of The First Baptist Church.


What makes DeSano Studio unique among most nearby galleries is the experience of viewing a room full of paintings designed by one artist, Sandra DeSano Pezzullo rather than a space with many paintings produced by many different artists. The paintings are created and exhibited in this one space, which will afford the opportunity to see not only completed work but also works in progress. You will also have a chance to speak with the artist.


During the month of May, Sandra DeSano Pezzullo will be exhibiting her dramatic landscapes. Our picturesque New England topography and mercurial skies are what inspire Sandra. Her passion for painting with oils is evident in her individual interpretations on canvas. From the sun steeped marshes of Machiasport Maine to the windswept dunes of Cape Cod Massachusetts, there are stretches of scenery just waiting to be painted and Sandra captures them with brush and a painters eye.


If there is any additional information that you are in need of please feel free to get in touch.

Sandra DeSano Pezzullo / DeSano Studio Fine Art

The Providence Art Club’s Deacon Taylor House
9 Thomas Street
Providence, Rhode Island

Facebook: Desano Studio
Open Gallery Night 5-9pm or by appointment or chance

About the Gallery / Studio

Captivating New England Landscapes | Decorative Furniture

DeSano Studio is a one-person working studio as well as an exhibition gallery space on the first floor of The Deacon Taylor House which is located along Thomas Street, in the shadow of the First Baptist Church and a part of Providence Art Club’s picturesque procession of historic buildings.

About the Artist – Sandra DeSano Pezzullo

Artists have the unique ability through their creations, whether it be visual arts, literary arts or performing arts to move one’s emotion to a personal place within oneself. The viewer’s response to this creation is as individual as the viewer themselves. The observer brings to the piece their experiences from their history, all that has molded their perspective, and in turn, respond with an emotion.

Although Sandra paints landscapes, she strives to push further to create an atmosphere, a mood, a feeling or experience, striking a chord of sentiment and emotion from within the viewer. As an artist she brings to the canvas her experiences, conveying them with paint. Her passions, sorrows, hopes and dreams are rooted throughout the layers of color. Sandra invites you to take a quiet moment with her recent body of work, and observe, reflect and experience the awareness of insight brought to the canvas by you, the viewer, and in turn respond.





  • Awakenings, Size: 18x18, Medium: Oil on Linen
    Awakenings, Size: 18"x18", Medium: Oil on Linen
  • pezzullo_n_2
  • © Sandra DeSano Pezzullo
    © Sandra DeSano Pezzullo
  • © Sandra DeSano Pezzullo
    © Sandra DeSano Pezzullo
  • © Sandra DeSano Pezzullo
    © Sandra DeSano Pezzullo
  • © Sandra DeSano Pezzullo
    © Sandra DeSano Pezzullo
  • © Sandra DeSano Pezzullo
    © Sandra DeSano Pezzullo
  • pezzullo_IMG_3810
  • pezzullo_IMG_3801

• March 1, 2016

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