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Contemporary Fine Art Photography

Mirror with a Memory: Alternative Process Photography in the 21st Century
Curated by Brett Henrikson

Mirror with a Memory is an exhibit of works by the artists and craftsman who have taken back the chemical and physical qualities of the photographic medium. Photography as a medium has always been driven by the needs of the consumer, pushing companies to change to the medium to make their products faster, cheaper and easier. These changes were rarely dictated by the wants or demands of the artist, but for monetary concerns. Since the rise of digital imaging there has been a push back from a new generation of photographers that seek a tangible object; something that can be held, touched and treasured. We live in a flood of imagery, from Instagram feeds to Facebook, and most of us have come to fully embrace our cellphone screens as our primary means of grasping at the fleeting image; pressing “like” and letting it pass us by. These immaterial encounters with the digital have changed fine art photography for better or worse; the medium has shifted our consciousness from the print and to the screen. Never more has the physical photographic object stood out from the rest of the medium and declared itself art. Mirror with a Memory is a half juried, half curated show that features the works of established and emerging artists.

All of the artists in the exhibit utilized an alternative photographic component including Wet Plate Collodion, Experimental C-Prints, Manipulated Polaroids, Cyanotype, Vandyke, Albumen, Platinum, Digital-Alt Hybrids, 3D Works, Salt Prints, Encaustic, Experimental Silver Prints, and more.


About the Curator, Brett Henrikson

As an artist-photographer Brett is strongly based in the craft and alchemy of the process. He believes that the hands-on aspects of working in the darkroom and large format gives the artist a real sense of physical creation over their work. His main body of work “Chaotic Forms” uses the physicality of the photographic object in a new and unconventional way, as he creates large collodion contact prints from multiple cut geometric glass negatives. Henrikson has shown his work in galleries nationally as well as given numerous wet plate collodion demonstrations at institutions like RISD, AS220, the New England Archivist Symposium and the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio.


Limited Edition Digital Print

Discover the online collection of limited edition digital prints by Peter Miller and other emerging and established artists in various styles and subject matter. Purchase artworks online with confidence via PayPal and have it shipped to you anywhere in the continental United States.

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About the Gallery

PMFA opened in March 2015 in Providence dedicated to fine art photography. Located in the Russell house (built in 1772) in downtown Providence, the gallery is around the corner from the Providence Art Club and across the street from Mills Tavern restaurant at 118 North Main Street, 2nd floor.

Please contact or by phone at (401) 225-6792 with any questions or to discuss exhibiting your work, or visit the gallery online at

Peter Miller is a national and international award-winning art director and photographer who has spent decades pushing the boundaries of visual expression and technical capabilities. Peter has worked for major images companies including Agfa-Gevaert, Polaroid, and Kodak, promoting their imaging products. Peter is also an Apple developer and has produced “Providence Walking Tour — a visual guide to Providence” a free iPad app available at the Apple iTunes Store:




  • Cindy Horovitz Wilson, Wooden Spine, Providence, September 2015
    Cindy Horovitz Wilson, Wooden Spine, Providence, September 2015
  • Peter Miller - Market Street
    Peter Miller - Market Street, January 2016
  • Brett Henrikson - Chaotic Forms, No. 111
    Brett Henrikson - Chaotic Forms, No. 111
  • Abe Nathanson, “GRand Luncheonette”
    Abe Nathanson, “GRand Luncheonette”
  • Abe Nathanson, “Electric Company”
    Abe Nathanson, “Electric Company”
  • Abe Nathanson, “Providence”
    Abe Nathanson, “Providence”
  • Mike Dooley, “Tree At Sunrise”
    Mike Dooley, “Tree At Sunrise”
  • Mike Dooley, “Soft Sunrise”
    Mike Dooley, “Soft Sunrise”
  • Mike Dooley, “Dawn Greets Block Island”
    Mike Dooley, “Dawn Greets Block Island”
  • Eileen McCarney Muldoon, “Dancer and Sadhu”, 2015
  • Eileen McCarney Muldoon, “Flow”, 2014
  • Olaf Willloughby, “Love One Another”, 2014
  • Olaf Willloughby, “Sunset”, 2014
  • Olaf Willloughby, “Red”, 2014
  • Ken Dreyfack, "Pots"
  • Sam Eichenwald "Ghost Town"
  • Betsy Fenik, "Divertida"
  • Cassandra Klos, "The Arrival"
  • Sam Kweskin, "Wisconsin Corn"
  • Steven Nossiter "Car Up"
  • David DeMelim
  • David DeMelim
  • David DeMelim
  • Paul Murray
  • Paul Murray
  • Paul Murray
  • Peter Miller
  • Peter Miller
  • shepards_bridge_1200px
  • Peter Miller

• November 1, 2016

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