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LORE Collection: ” A u * r a “

A collaborative show featuring the work of Providence-based emerging artists, Kate Foster and John Hesslebarth. Hesslebarth a photographer, and Foster an illustrator & designer.

“Lore is a collection of art & design objects, it is a web and exhibition based collaboration, focusing on the works of up and coming artists and designers. Rooted in local makers but not exclusive to Rhode Island, we carry folks from all over the country and even have some global connections. Lore is a show space as well as a store, We have 4 featured art shows a year in our Gallery Space. Join our mailing list and follow us on instagram and facebook to be up to date on events we have in our space.”

For more on Lore, visit https://www.facebook.com/LoreCollection

About the Gallery

Lore is a collection of art and design objects centered in the curatorial vision of Margaret Hinge and Jayna Aronovitch, two designers residing in Providence. Our mission is to expose talented makers whose work excels. Our collection aims to include innovative, contemporary, independent artists and designers, most of whom are based in New England, while others are spread through out the country. We aim to share these outstanding creations and expose the details and story behind the work we represent.

The Shop will bring our curatorial ideas into a brick and mortar environment. We have created an interactive environment with a strong focus on visual merchandising and installation that best suits the work. We aim to have the installation not only be a platform for the work but also transform the space into an entirely new way to showcase these ideas, thus bringing the gallery environment into a retail space.


65 Weybosset Street
Unit 114

  • Opening Day! March 1, 2015
  • Smiling friends
  • Sneak peak of some of our featured work Pictured here: gold leaf paintings by @wecantread and more!
  • Our @anchalproject rack is fully stocked with beautifully patterned one- of a -kind vintage, cotton sari, quilts, scarves, and totes!
  • Light weight hand-knit sweaters in spring colors paired with our @anchalproject bandanas
  • New arrivals - @adacus.co jewelry

• March 1, 2016

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