Big Nazo Lab

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BIG NAZO is an international performance group of visual artists, puppet performers, and masked musicians who unite to create bizarre and hilarious larger-than-life sized characters, environments, and spectacles.

Renegade circus family contortionists, a rowdy rodeo horse, a giant three-eyed robot percussionist, break-dancing police officers, Mountain Trolls, blob-like GO-GO Dancers, a charismatic lab rat and his giant man-eating chia pet are just a few of the characters, environments, and spectacles that create an irreverent musical Commedia full of irresolvable conflict, ridiculous dancing and an epic battle with the forces of chaos.

Big Nazo Lab

60 Eddy Street
Providence, Rhode Island

Artistic Director: Erminio Pinque
(401) 831-9652
10am-7pm when not on tour or at work in the community.
Open late for big projects.


• March 1, 2016

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