Anthony Tomaselli – Painter

Paintings of the Providence Landscape and Beyond

It’s Holiday season here at The Fleur De Lys – I welcome all to visit

I have an assortment of artwork on display ready for you Holiday gift giving. Even better, you can add to your collection while you are here gift buying.

All paintings are for sale, framed and unframed, sketches and finished pieces, so ask.  There is always a gem to be had hidden somewhere, all that is needed is an inquisitive individual, and a bit of banter. You never know if you can afford “IT” unless you ask……

Built in 1885, The Fleur De Lys is a Historic Landmark, being the first building built for the sole use of an artist in the country.  Arts and Crafts Era workmanship is visible in and outside of the unique “only in RI structure.”  The Fleur has 3 large rooms, one is a working studio, and the other 2 are “Gallery Display” spaces.  I have works in progress in my “studio” space, as well as framed finished pieces in the 2 “Gallery” rooms.

Come see the studio, meet the artists, talk about art.


Anthony Tomaselli : Influences and Information

I am a Rhode Islander, born and bred, for better or worse.  Other than a brief stint in San Francisco in the late 1970’s, I have resided on RI soil my whole life. Graduated from Rhode Island College in 1976 with a degree in Painting.  I am humbled to have the painting studio at RIC named in my honor. I studied Architecture for a while at The Boston Architectural Center.

I had the pleasure to mentor with some great people and artists.  Here are but a few:

My Dad, Anthony, taught me many things but his greatest gift was humility (which I am still working on) and non judgment.

Gene Tonoff, RI artist and philosopher.  He introduced me to the thought of “knowing thyself”, ridding yourself of negative emotions, and being one with God.  His gifts resonate in me still.

Joseph Rotundo.  A simple man who drove trucks during the day, and painted at night.  He also told me he stalked Antionio Cerino and actually plein air painted with him for a week.  How lucky was he.  Joe taught me that passion equals doing it.  His long hours in a 16 wheeler didn’t stop him from painting 5-6 days a week.

Frank Leone, Chef and owner of Duncan Fyffe Restaurant 1969-1999.  Frank showed me how to work hard, be fair, and treat people honestly, even when it hurts.

Linda Lorenzo, my high school English teacher and friend today.  Linda was the first person to really affirm my artistic endeavor by buying my first painting ever sold.  She also was so positive and real at a time when we, as teens needed that kind of adult relationship.

Henry Pinardi, professor, comedian and college mentor.  Henry challenged us, he poked us, and we worked hard to attain a level of artistic integrity.  He also organized our 4 time championship softball teams, bus trips to NYC, and an Art Auction that is 40 years strong to this day.

Don Smith, printmaker and a steady teacher and mentor.  He was a great balance to Henry.  We had it all at RIC.

Sam Ames, pure painter. A man of few words, but boy can he swing a paint brush.

Mom, stayed out of the way, and quietly beamed as my career took off.  She came to all of my openings and supported me quietly.  I miss her.



The Historic Fleur de Lys Building

The Fleur de Lys Studio, built in 1885 is a National Historic Landmark. It has been featured regionally and nationally as one of the most unique structures in RI and America. The building was designed by Sydney Burleigh with Providence architect Edmund Willson. Through its Norman, half-timbered façade, the structure lends what some have called a 16th century atmosphere to Thomas Street. Lending Burleigh a hand with the decoration were John G, Aldrich and Charles Walter Stetson. The evidence of their combined artistic handiwork is present in many a nook and cranny. When the house was deeded to the Art Club by Mrs. Burleigh in 1939, she stipulated that it continue to be used for artists’ studios, as it has been to this day.

In 1992, the Fleur de Lys was placed on the National Register of Historical Places.


Anthony Tomaselli Gallery/Studio

The Historic Fleur de Lys Studio
at The Providence Art Club
7 Thomas Street
Providence, Rhode Island


Artist-in-Residence : Anthony Tomaselli
Open all Gallery nights, and by appointment or by chance.
Special events are scheduled throughout the year.





  • tomaselli_Afternoon Light   pastel  16x12
    tomaselli_Afternoon Light pastel 16x12
  • tomaselli_Providence Steeple  16x12  Pastel
    tomaselli_Providence Steeple 16x12 Pastel
  • tomaselli_Providence Down Hill pastel  16x12
    tomaselli_Providence Down Hill pastel 16x12
  • Anthony Tomaselli - Painter of Providence
  • Silver Snow Series 2016 - 1
    Silver Snow Series 2016 - 1
  • Silver Snow Series 2016 - 2
    Silver Snow Series 2016 - 2
  • Silver Snow Series 2016 - 3
    Silver Snow Series 2016 - 3
  • Silver Snow Series 2016 - 4
    Silver Snow Series 2016 - 4
  • Anthony Tomaselli at work painting
  • 'Avon' - Anthony Tomaselli
    'Avon' - Anthony Tomaselli
  • 'Point St. Perspective' - Anthony Tomaselli, 48" x 72"
    'Point St. Perspective' - Anthony Tomaselli, 48" x 72"
  • 'Fleur De Lys in Snow' - Anthony Tomaselli
    'Fleur De Lys in Snow' - Anthony Tomaselli
  • Anthony Tomaselli, 'Lanterns and Snow' - oil, 18"x24"
    Anthony Tomaselli, 'Lanterns and Snow' - oil, 18"x24"
  • 'My Bay Yes' - Anthony Tomaselli
    'My Bay Yes' - Anthony Tomaselli
  • Anthony Tomaselli - Narragansett Towers' - 22" x 28"
    Anthony Tomaselli - Narragansett Towers' - 22" x 28"

• November 1, 2016

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